Dubble Bubble Homerun Baseball Gumballs wrapped 2.59 Lbs

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Dubble Bubble

Homerun Baseball Gumballs

Wrapped Individually

2.59 Lbs

Approximately 240 Gumballs 

Hot Weather Warning:  We have not experienced a problem with this item, but if you are more than a two day ship from OH, I do not recommend you purchasing this item when temperatures exceed 71 degrees.  Be certain you have someone available for your delivery so the candy does not sit in the hot sun.  Melted candy can not be guaranteed.  We do our best to protect your candy, but can not control what happens in heat in excess of 70 degrees.

While satisfying a most deserved sweet tooth with your selection of Gumballs, you can rest assured that you are enjoying the freshest product that was prepared and shipped with kindness. Each item is packed for your order and customized which means freshness!We are open to the public which allows our products to be turned over frequently.

When necessary (most of the candy arrives to our store in bulk quantities) we package our candy in cellophane bags that are heat sealed. Your product will be shipped in a sealed bag with an ingredients label. Then we seal and bag again for product safety before they are boxed and shipped. This ensures that the product arrives on your doorstep ready to enjoy!

Here at Boyd's we want you to have the best of both worlds...to visit our store here in Toledo, Ohio and experience the excellent customer service and family atmosphere, or to browse this website with ease and to receive attentive response to any questions you may have via our Customer Service mail. We believe you should feel at home whether you are here or cozy in your bed ordering treats and gifts for others or yourself.
Shipping: USPS Priority Mail which is a 2 to 3 day delivery option.
At Boyd's, since the selections are predominantly made in pounds, we base our shipping in the same manner. As always, we have your best interest in mind, and have set the Flat Rate system for shipping so that the cost doesn't leave a sour taste...that is the job for our Sour Patch Kids candy! If needed, we will customize the shipping the best way possible and refund any difference after invoice.

We are licensed and inspected by the Lucas County Health Department and the Ohio Department of Agricultute and use a licensed exterminator, so you can rest assured your product is prepared and stored in a sanitary, and well maintained facility.