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About us

We are open for customers to walk into the store Monday-Saturday Noon - 6pm. 

We do insist customers use Hand Sanitizer once inside our door. You can use ours, yours, or ask us to give you food handling gloves. 

A big thank you to all our customers!

A true old time candy store where you'll find candy from the late 1800's. Specializing in the 50's, 60's and 70's but satisfying candy lovers of every generation. Share a memory or make a memory with your children. Savor that Curly Wurly (Marathon Bar) or Gold Mine Gum. Let Zotz tickle your tongue. Drink a refreshing Kickapoo, or Frostie Soda or one of the more unusual Retro Soda-Pops we've found like Dublin Bottling works offerings. Treat your party or wedding guests to the corner store loves of your childhood. Let us make a special Retro gift bag for you. Take home a bag of fun for less than a movie date.  We offer fun, smiles, and joy for you to share. Over one thousand candy choices and counting. We don't have everything, but we're working on it. Remember Flying Saucers/Satellite Wafers? How about Indian Pumpkin Seeds? Chuckles, Dots, Jujubes, Good & Plenty? Remember how much fun Candy Cigarettes were?-- We have Bubble Gum, and White Sugar candy Sticks. Remember Bubble Gum Cigars?  We also carry Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. Looking for the newest most unusual candy? We have Scorpion Suckers, Cricket Lick-its, and Raindrops Gummi Foods.  In 2019 we added M&M Colorworks and  Pucker Powder Tubes. In 2022 we added Freeze Dried Candy. We add something new whenever we find it.

We also mail out orders. We search for items and can tell you if the item is no longer made. 

Let us help you with your Candy Table for that special day. It could be a wedding or a fabulous party, and we will help you celebrate with a selection of candy that matches a theme or starts one!