Sweet & Sour Summer!

Posted by Christopher Bartlett on 28th Jun 2016

So Summer is here and so are some new arrivals! New in the store are the "Formula Sour" test tube candy. You think Toxic Waste and War Heads were sour? This new sour liquid is not only twice as sour but it also has a tingling zap to the tongue as well. More a Toxic Waste fan? The new Smog Balls may be of more interest. These candies are not hard like jawbreakers but are a crunchie candy. Beware it is really easy to eat a whole pack before you may regret what you've just done! On the sweeter side of new candies are the new Wax Lips due out for Halloween but we have the early releases in store already! These are monstrously colored in Orange(orange) - Green(apple) - Yellow(lemon) - Purple(grape) - Blue(blueberry). All of our new arrivals are available in-store now so come on in, say hi, cool-off, and eat some candy with us!