Kid's Assorted Candy Box- Medium

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Assorted Candies Box - Medium

Your assorted box is hand picked at Boyd's at the time of your order and will

contain these candies in a randomly chosen flavor

4 Dum-Dum Suckers

2 Rip Roll (40 inches, 1.4 oz)

3 Twizzler Twists

2 Sixlets Package (.58 oz)

3 Saf-T-Pop

2 Fun Dip (.43 oz)

2 Peanut Butter Bar (.7 oz)

2 E. frutti gummies (.32 oz)

3 Wax Lip (.5 oz)

5 Smarties

2 Pop Rock (.33 oz)

1 Razzle (1.4 oz)

3 Airheads (.55 oz)

3 Lemonhead (.8 oz)

5 Charms Sucker/ Blowpop (.62 oz)

3 Now & Later (.93 oz)

1 Candy Bracelet (.42 oz)

3 Top Pops (.35 oz)

6 Super Bubble Gum (.18 oz)

3 Jungle Jollies (.28 oz)

3 Candy Filled Toy

1 Sour Punch Straw (2 oz)

1 Candy Necklace (.74 oz)

1 Whistle Pop

1 Starburst (2.07 oz)

5 Double Lollies




Here at Boyd's Retro Candy in Toledo, Ohio,  we want you to be happy with  your purchase and we package your product with concern that it arrive at your door safely.  If you ever have a concern, please contact us and if we can correct a problem we will.  Please understand we do not  manufacturer the candy we sell, so we have no control over the product's manufacture. 


We are licensed and inspected by the Lucas County Health Department and  use a licensed exterminator, so you can rest assured your product is  prepared and stored in a sanitary, and well maintained facility.