Whip-it® Brand: Profesional Whip Cream 1-Liter Whipper/Dispencer

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Whip-it® Brand

Profesional 1-Liter Cream Whipper and Dispensing Unit.


This unit is in excellent condition and well-kept. It includes it's original packaging, parts, and original sparkle. This unit holds 1-liter of wipping cream and is durrable to commercial use. The ease of use and longevity of the product wile being kept in working condition is a great addition to any; bakery, creamary, coffe house, or even at home with delicous wipped topping for all of your family and customer-family alike!

The ease in witch making your own whipped cream at home couldn't be made easier. No more making a creme` and fussing with egg whites and sugar just to have a flat non-fluffy whip. With this unit all thats needed is; whipping cream and a charged NO2 Cartrige! It's just that easy! Add a few drops of food coloring for color, add chocolate syrup for chocolate whipped cream. The ideas and possibilities are staggering!


The entire unit includes:

1 1-Liter Decanter

1 Dispencer Head

1 Cartrige Sheeth

1 Flower Tip

1 Standard Whipping Tip

1 Original Box


This is a USED unit with only 3-4 months of light comercial use. The unit has been cleaned after every shift, and maticulously stored in a clean and safe place to ensure best working order. There are no defects, there are no missing parts, there are no issues of any kind with the unit. As our store has expanded and grown, we have decided to not continue selling ice cream and baked goods. As a result this perticular unit is no longer needed.

The images of the unit show NO2 cartriges (Nitrous Di-oxide "Laughing Gas") witch is needed to preasurize the container. However this is a controled item and can not be sold to anyone under the age of 18 (age 21 in Ohio). We can not ensure the age of the purchaser and to protect the intrest of the buyer and ourselves we will NOT ship the cartriges. Cartriges are fairly cheap and very easy to find online or at most stores selling bakeing supplies.

The producing company warns that misuse of the device or the NO2 cartriges could present very serious injuries. Please read all operation instructions for the Whipping Unit and NO2 Cartriges alike before use.

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