Jawbreaker 4" Mother of all Bruisers

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Almost 4 Inches  in Diameter!!

Mother of All Bruisers

Fresh from Sconza


Yes the legend is true...The Largest Jawbreaker is now for sale!  You will find yourself being able to enjoy this treat for a long time as it is HUGE!  Taking a hammer to it will reveal the colorful layers that remind 


While satisfying a most deserved sweet tooth with your selection of Large 4 inch Jawbreaker, you can rest assured that you are enjoying the freshest product that was prepared and shipped with kindness.  Each item is packed for your order and customized which means freshness!

We are open to the public which allows our products to be turned over frequently.

If the item you selected was marked with a "Heat Sensitive" icon, this will ship with a Cold Pack to keep your sweets from getting too warm.

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At Boyd's, since the selections are predominantly made in pounds, we base our shipping in the same manner.  As always, we have your best interest in mind, and have set the Flat Rate system for shipping so that the cost doesn't leave a sour taste...that is the job for our Sour Patch Kids candy!  If needed, we will customize the shipping the best way possible and refund any difference after invoice.

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