As the holidays are at our doorstep with family and friends; I can't help but remember all the holidays at my family's homes. As someone who loves the Pies, Cookies and Sweet treats, I get excited as I see all the new holiday and returning holiday candies. Let me share what we have this season!

We have "Mint Filled Straws" but they are very popular this time of year and once they are gone they will not be back until the next holiday season. 

We have "Sugar Plums" most commonly heard of from the "Night Before Christmas" story, these Gummi-candies are a light flavoring of plum then tumbled in soft sugar. 

A Candy Corn fanatic? So are we! We have candy corn in the fantastic flavors; Original, Indian, Caramel Apple, Cinnamon, Blackberry Cobbler, S'mores, Reindeer, and Pastel.

Come on in from the cold and warm up with the bright smiles and warm hearts of the candy store. Happy Holidays!